"Need Propane Where You Are? Don’t Worry. We’re Here. "

Your Propane Supplier for Kalamazoo, MI

Image Propane Loading Rack For Fuel Delivery Services Kalamazoo - Knapp Energy, Inc.

If you’re looking for a commercial and residential fuel oil or propane supplier in Southwest Michigan, look no further than Knapp Energy, Inc. In 50 years, we have grown from three small gas stations in Kalamazoo, MI to a regional supplier of propane gas, kerosene, gasoline, and over 800 industrial and agricultural lubricants. At Knapp, we deliver the quality products you need when you need them. It’s this dependability that has made us a mainstay in Southwest Michigan.

As the area’s most complete energy source, we deliver the products that keep industry productive, transportation rolling, and residences warm. We’ve been in the business of residential propane for half a century, and we’re not planning to slow down. We continue to extend our reach, improve the speed of our delivery, and the quality of our products. We are proud to be your local supplier!

Knapp Energy is a Kalamazoo-based, family owned propane supplier. Nothing changes that. As we become greater participants in the energy industry, we’re taking Southwest Michigan with us. We’ve always been a business that aims to satisfy customers, and we do so by delivering quality services and products.

When you need a reliable supplier of commercial and residential propane in Southwest MI, don’t look any further than Knapp Energy, Inc. We hope you’ll join our 50-year history of satisfied customers! Check out what some of our long-term customers have to say about us.

“Knapp Energy has been providing our fuel needs for the last 20 years. Their utmost professionalism has always assured us in advance that we would be given efficient, courteous service with the best fuel prices available. I guess that’s why we have done business for as long as we have!”

- Al Baugus, President – Al’s Gas, Pullman, MI

“My involvement with Knapp Oil goes back to the Nederhoed Oil days, approximately 50 years ago. The service, dedication, honesty and integrity of Steve Nederhoed has been passed on to his son-in-law, Bob Knapp and now to his grandson, Dave Knapp. My personal involvement with Knapp Oil has been over the past 27 years and the tradition of Steve Nederhoed is being observed and carried on by all at Knapp Oil (Energy). Grandpa Steve would be proud of them.”

- Frank Peterman, President – Peterman Concrete Co., Portage MI